Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants to have a perfect set of pearly white teeth, for us to have a camera-ready smile. Most of us however don’t have that, we undergo teeth whitening treatment or follow home remedies just to obtain that porcelain white teeth.

Acquiring yellowish teeth can be acquired on two ways: Intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic stains can be acquired internally like a child too much exposed to fluoride during the development of their secondary tooth or maybe genes, extrinsic stains can developed due to the food we eat, different kind of beverages like tea, cola, red wine, coffee and many more. Smoking greatly affects or contributes to the discoloration of dental structures.

There are many kinds of whitening treatment that you can do to achieve whiter choppers, you can have dental treatment like power bleaching or whitening or the tray-based whitening. You can follow basic home remedies to make your teeth visibly whiter.

With laser whitening or power whitening, a protective dam will be first applied for your gums, then the gel for your teeth that has bleaching content will be dabbed onto your teeth, lastly a laser device will be shone onto your teeth to where the chemicals will be activated. This laser light will help speed up the lightening or whitening process. If you want to achieve whiter teeth that can visibly show you results in a day power bleaching is the best for you, it may cost you a lot but the instant and effective results are worth it.

With tray based-whitening, chemicals that are used are almost the same except it does not use “laser light” therefore will make the process a bit longer. Your dentist will provide you trays that fits well to your dental structures, a bleaching gel needs to be applied inside the trays and be worn for a certain period of time usually for an hour-eight hours for a couple of weeks until the preferred shade is achieved.

Now if you prefer the affordable home kits, you can buy it in any drugstore, however choose the ones that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) proven. Aside from it being FDA proven, it is better to consult your dentist first, it is necessary to know if there’s any substance that you may be allergy to which is not good.

Whitening toothpaste does not guarantee to make your teeth whiter, though it is best in removing stains. Thus, making your teeth look whiter than before. However, whitening substance will make your teeth whiter but may not be able to remove stains.

Laser whitening is considered as the best treatment, aside from it can generate instant results, it is told to last for almost 3 years or even longer. With regular brushing of teeth using whitening toothpaste, avoid consuming of any tobacco products, less consumption of colored beverages like tea, or coffee will be likely to help you maintain your white teeth.

If you want to try out some of this treatment or remedies it is best to have a checkup with a professional dentist, it is better if we learn first what will be the best treatment for the teeth you have and what are the things to consider.

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