Teeth 101

The teeth are the hardest parts of our body which serves favorable purpose. Aside from being beneficial for chewing, it also plays a necessary role in speech. Enamel, periodontal ligament, cementum, dentin and pulp are the parts comprised by the teeth.


Though they are firm part, our teeth can still be damaged if ignored for proper oral care. Dental hygiene or oral hygiene is a process of preventing dental emergencies by giving a good dental care.


There are helpful tips for a good oral health.


    1. It is very necessary to have a yearly dental check-up. Dentists still recommend people to have dental check-ups even if you do not have dental disease. This will help in preventing a tooth damage that may occur. They might be hidden decays that are not easily seen due to its presence within the teeth.
    1. Having a good diet is also a great help in maintaining healthy teeth. This will assure a person of having a well-maintained oral hygiene and prevention of tooth decay. Eating foods with high sugar and starch content can cause tooth damage. This decay happen when bacteria eat the sugar particles which result to an acid release. The said acid dissolves the enamel that often leads to cavity. Eating fruits is a better option even it has natural sugars. There is lesser risk on having tooth decay.
    1. It may sound cliché but brushing the teeth thrice a day is very important. There is an immediate production of bacteria so one must not forget to brush his teeth after having a meal. Though you have a lot of things to do, you must give time for your oral care. The toothbrush must be chosen well because it may not remove the small particles we get after eating. Dentists suggest a soft toothbrush which has a straight and flat-surfaced handle so that it could clean your gums without irritation. The design and size does not matter.
    2. Flossing the teeth is also a good consideration because brushing the teeth may not be enough. You just need to slide the floss gently (up and down). Be careful not to repeat the floss to avoid irritation and bleeding of gums.
    1. Rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash after brushing and flossing is also advisable. However, the right product must be chosen because some contains ingredients which gives a cool feeling to mouth but very alcoholic in nature. Mouthwash with neutral contents and cooling effect is preferable.
  1. One must avoid smoking. According to researches, smoking is a factor for total destruction of the teeth. A cigarette has an estimate 4,000 chemical content. These chemicals will greatly affect the teeth.


Although taking care of your teeth is important, you must not be obsessive compulsive for your oral health. Everything in excess is also bad for one’s health. Being obsessed with your dental care may lead to Gingivitis or gums infection. We must keep in mind that health problems related to the teeth can be easily prevented. One just needs to find time for maintaining a good oral health.

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