What it’s Likes Wearing Dentures

The teeth play significant role in having beautiful smile. This makes sense of maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth to avoid plaque buildup. However, there are instances in which no matter how a person is diligent in keeping the teeth clean time comes that it started to get brittle and worse suffer teeth problems. In this case, there is no other remedy or solution but to extract the tooth and replace it with dentures.


Dentures are also called as false teeth that can be removed. It can be made of metal or acrylic depending on your choice. These false teeth are designed not only to replace the missing teeth, but also in preventing possible problems as the results of the gaps. The gaps may affect the way a person speaks and eat. Sometimes the dentist recommends removing the entire teeth and replaces it with false teeth. You can choose either partial dentures or complete dentures depending on your need.


Having dentures can help in preventing further problems at the same time improve the way you smile and speak. However, before deciding to have false teeth it is important to know some important information.


How removable false teeth are fitted


Full Denture

If there is a need to remove the entire teeth, then obviously you need to replace it by having full denture. After removing the teeth, the dentist will fit the denture over your jawbone and gums. However, chances are you need to wait until your gums heal before fitting the false teeth. You can either see a qualified dental technician or a dentist to fit or make the false teeth. A trial denture is created to obtain the impressions of your mouth. This will help the dental technician or dentist to assess the appearance of the false teeth. Likewise, the shape and color can be adjusted in order to produce perfect false teeth that look like a real one.


Partial Denture

This type of false teeth is designed to replace the one or more teeth that were removed. It can be made of metal or plastic plate. It is fitted to the natural teeth through metal clasps that hold the dentures securely into your mouth. Likewise, it can be easily removed and unclipped. Partial denture is made just like the full denture.


Wearing dentures may cause strange feeling, but once you get used wearing it, you will be comfortable wearing it even while sleeping. These false teeth can make your gums stress that is why removing it at night can allow your gums to rest or relax. If you will remove the denture make sure to keep it in a polythene bag or water so that it will remain moist. Making the denture material to dry out can alter the shape.


Dental hygiene is important even if you are wearing denture. It is still important to brush the remaining teeth, tongue and gums to avoid gum disease, tooth decay and further dental issues. Likewise, it is also a must to clean the denture diligently to avoid oral or dental problems.

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